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Meggit, the maker of Wilcoxon Research accelerometers and vibration sensor accessories, has launched a short-form catalogue of industrial products for maintenance applications.

The catalogue contains accelerometers, 4-20mA vibration sensors, vibration transmitters, cables and accessories for industrial condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance applications.

The publication features Wilcoxon Research’s premium, standard, high-performance, specialty and 4-20mA vibration sensors.

It also details the Intelligent Transmitter series, a vibration transmitter, vibration alarm and communication module, which output 4-20mA vibration data.

Most process control systems, such as a PLC, DCS or Scada system, accept 4-20mA data as a standard input.

The easy-to-read reference brochure is designed to make sensor selection fast and hassle free.

Models are sorted by type and include application information.

The catalogue also includes a sensor selection chart, which simplifies identifying the right sensor based upon specifications.

Vibration sensor mounting hardware and accessories can also be found in the catalogue.

High-quality cables, junction boxes, and termination boxes to complete the sensor network are included, as well as Meggitt’s Maxflex cable assemblies compatible with data collectors from SKF, Emerson (CSI), Rockwell (Entek IRD) and others.

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