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Tsubaki Europe has launched a catalogue that contains its full range of cam clutches for general overrunning, indexing and backstopping applications, suitable for use in wet and corrosive conditions.

The catalogue also covers mechanical overload protection components, chain couplings and a cam-clutch selection chart.

The catalogue is available from Tsubaki as either a hardcopy or to download from the Tsubaki website.

The Cam Clutch catalogue has been developed to provide readers with as much information and data about Tsubaki’s cam-clutch product range as possible, including technical specification.

The range of products is suitable for a number of applications including contamination-free processes, high-temperature environments, wet and corrosive or dusty conditions.

As with all Tsubaki products, the cam-clutches are made from the highest quality material: outer and inner races are made of high-quality alloy steel with high surface hardness and core toughness.

The races are precision ground, providing excellent concentricity and surface finish to obtain accurate cam rotation, whereas cams are produced of alloy steel, with hardness option up to 2,500HV.

To help customers differentiate between the different products that are available and choose the correct one for their application, Tsubaki has included a selection chart.

The basic modes of operation – overrunning, indexing and backstopping – are explained and then a simple chart displays each product’s suitability to specific tasks of each function.

The selection chart ensures every customer chooses the right product for their requirements.

To support the catalogue Tsubaki has also developed a ‘cam clutch equivalents’ programme that is available on a CD-ROM.

This software is designed to help customers select an appropriate Tsubaki cam clutch from another manufacturer’s reference, further simplifying product selection.

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