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Motivair has launched Opus Crystal, a compressor package that uses a bespoke catalytic system designed to remove all impurities from the atmosphere, including miniscule hydrocarbon particles.

This makes it suitable for industries such as food manufacture, hospitals, dentists, pharmaceutical, spray finishing and anywhere else where pollutant-free air is essential.

Unlike many compressors, Opus Crystal doesn’t require filters.

The technology, tested by the German safety agency TUV, means that the Opus Crystal has been certified as producing air which is well within the limits for class zero to ISO8573.1:2010.

Furthermore, the condensate is so clean it can be disposed of straight down a foul sewer.

As an evolution to the traditional oil-free systems currently available in the UK, Opus Crystal actually deals with the issue of how clean the air is at the point of intake.

Using catalytic material heated to 200C, the unit chemically converts harmful hydrocarbons into harmless water and carbon dioxide, capturing all other unwanted molecules in the catalyst.

Opus Crystal costs no more than a traditional compressor, with the added advantage that servicing costs are reduced as high specification filters are no longer required and there is only one compressor air-end.

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