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Caydor Industrial Doors has released the ‘Green’ bumper.

Manufactured from recycled high-impact polyethylene (PE) with a steel carrier, the bumper was introduced to try to reduce the high consumption of rubber and nylon products that offer limited additional life to loading docks.

Caydor noticed that in some cases rubber bumpers were only giving a lifespan of a few months before having to be replaced or refitted.

With the introduction of moving suspension on vehicles over the past few years, damage was increasing to all equipment on the loading dock.

Dock pads were being ripped and bumpers damaged or pulled off the wall.

Introducing PE-faced bumpers only extended the life of most bumpers by about 10 per cent, as the yellow face was pulled off by the high impact and movement of vehicles.

Solid nylon bumpers and steel facing only increased the damage to vehicles using the dock.

Caydor engineers took the best parts of all the existing bumper types on the market and came up with an option to suit all needs.

Caydor chose the recycled PE, which gave the best wear resistance, outstanding impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and a very low coefficient of friction, and designed a carrier from steel, which allows the bumper to sit in loose, move when impacted, and rise and fall with the vehicle.

At the end of its lifespan, it can be lifted out, turned over and used the other way up.

After the second use, it can be lifted out of the carrier again and turned round, giving two more lifespans for the bumper.

It has four times the lifespan of a rigid nylon bumper, and up to 20 times the lifespan of a moulded rubber bumper.

When all three lifespans have been used, it can be lifted out of the green PE block, replaced with a new PE bumper, dropped into the steel carrier, and the unit continues to live.

The PE block is then sent back for recycling.

No engineering skills are needed.

Caydor Industrial Doors

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