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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has made process safety in the major-hazards sector a priority.

The HSE has reinforced the need to adopt procedures and monitoring systems that maximise the safety of operations, following feedback from the investigations into the Buncefield and Texas City incidents.

In July 2009, CBA signed a commitment on behalf of its member companies to the ‘principles of safety leadership’.

CBA and UKWA recognise that smaller businesses and warehouses have limited technical and managerial resources, and that their participation in any safety leadership initiative may vary in nature and time in different organisations.

Many organisations rely on historical data, so-called lagging indicators, to monitor safety performance.

CBA has therefore, in partnership with UKWA, written and is now launching the ‘Safety-performance leading indicators guidance’ to enable successful implementation of SPLIs.

While the implementation of SPLIs is being pushed by HSE for sites with a major-hazard potential, this approach can be applied throughout industry as a means of improving safety and maintaining business continuity.

The launch event covers identifying appropriate risk-control systems and the critical elements for monitoring, reporting and reviewing the data, through SPLIs, to provide earlier indications of hazards.

Ian Travers, head of Chemical Industries Strategy Unit, will be speaking to enable companies to understand what is involved and the approach taken by HSE.

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