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Bosch Packaging Technology is presenting the CBT Mobile maintenance tool, which is designed to help manufacturers streamline maintenance operations on packaging lines and optimise production.

The portable device handles customised information to provide guidance on packaging format changes, troubleshooting and standard operating procedures.

Storing technical information and allowing immediate on-the-floor access, the tool helps operators to make maintenance decisions that minimise downtime and reduce costs.

The CBT Mobile can be fully customised to individual needs to enhance performance in critical areas of the production process.

The versatile maintenance tool helps manufacturers to achieve fast and easy format change through automated guidance.

It can be managed and synchronised via a USB cable on a personal computer.

Once the operator inputs information about a future format change, the device automatically generates the correct change-order code to implement the necessary machinery alterations.

This ensures that the most efficient changeover procedure is followed and reduces human error.

To further maximise uptime, the interactive tool offers a troubleshooting kit consisting of detailed guidance for breakdown situations.

In the event of an issue on the line, the CBT Mobile provides users with a step-by-step guide through the recommended problem-solving activities.

Intuitive software design also allows users to create new and modify existing standard operating procedures as system requirements change.

Additional remarks such as personal tips or comments can be added to the database and photographs of system elements can be uploaded from the built-in camera to make processes easier to follow.

The CBT Mobile features a central database where relevant technical information and maintenance procedures are stored.

This ensures that expertise and knowledge are retained within the company, even if trained employees leave, and eliminates the need for paper-based manuals and advice sheets.

To strengthen in-house maintenance skills, the database can also be used to train staff on procedures and processes that should be followed to maximise production efficiency.

For example, it offers an interactive, audio-visual self-study platform, which enables staff to access training data anywhere and at any time, and can be tailored to accommodate various knowledge levels.

Once the training has been conducted, the device also acts as a testing tool to evaluate operator knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

For fast and efficient spare parts ordering, the CBT Mobile features a wireless connection and allows operators to access Bosch’s online e-portal catalogue.

It offers instant access to customised parts lists, as well as information on availability, price and estimated delivery time.

To ensure purchasing accuracy, orders can be placed directly from the handheld computer.

Users can compare the photographs in the online catalogue to the worn or broken parts while standing next to the machine.

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