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CD-Adapco has released Star-CD and Es-Ice v4.14, the latest version of its toolkit for engine simulation, which introduces new physics models.

The new release features mesh replacement and solution mapping for moving mesh ICE applications.

With this, users are able to strategically deploy a number of different meshes throughout the engine cycle, allowing the introduction of the most appropriate topologies as and when they are needed.

For example, special areas of refinement can be introduced during the injection phase in order to correctly resolve the development of the spray.

Additional cells can also be introduced near TDC.

The release also offers improved mesh quality.

Ongoing improvements to trimming, smoothing and prism layer technology lead to better quality meshes and increased solver robustness.

With optional remedial treatment, the solver has the ability to detect numerical problems caused by poor cell quality, severe changes in flow conditions or both, and to take remedial action to improve solution stability.

Automatic 2D template generation reduces the amount of time, skill and experience required to generate meshes for a wide range of engine configurations.

Automatic generation of a true four-valve model from a two/four-valve model permits changes to valve timing and geometry.

New ICE orientated post-processing allows the calculation of data for full-cycle or part-cycle including net indicated work/cycle, net indicated power/cylinder and net indicated mean effective pressure.

Improved physics include: improvement and extension of the soot libraries; Wiebe functions for simple heat release; further validation of the ELSA atomisation model; further validation and extension of ECFM-3Z and CLEH combustion models; further validation and extension of the TIF combustion; further consolidated and validation of Level Set combustion model.

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