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Meister’s cDD rotary-dressing tools are suited for dressing vitrified bonded grinding wheels, including aluminum-oxide, silicone-carbide, ceramic and CBN.

The cDD (CVD-tipped Diamond Dresser) technology, which is being introduced at IMTS 2010, combines high-quality CVD diamond inserts with a sharp-cutting and porous hybrid-diamond matrix to produce dressing tools that hold their profiles and maintain sharpness.

At IMTS, Meister will also be highlighting its line of hDD (hybrid diamond dressing) tools, combining the toughness of metal bonding with the natural porosity of a vitrified bond structure, comparable to porosity found in vit CBN grinding wheels.

The advantages of this combination include more efficient dressing cycles that lead to more consistent CBN grinding-wheel performance, increased intervals between dresses, resulting in longer grinding wheel life, improved longevity of the dressing tool itself and total elimination of the need to change out the dressing tool for reconditioning.

Also on exhibit is a range of superabrasive grinding wheels using Meister’s exclusive HPB bond.

This advanced technology results in wheels that can decrease grinding cycles by up to 25 per cent and improve wheel life by up to 100 per cent.

Individual kiosks within the booth will profile Meister’s expertise in its key market areas of fuel injection, bearings, automotive, tool and cutter, semiconductor and medical.

Visitors will be able to see many examples of application-specific grinding-wheel solutions for optimal performance, throughput and wheel life.

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