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CEMB Hofmann has recently bought one vertical and two horizontal balancing machines, which it will use to analyse and correct unbalance in components and motion systems.

These components include crankshafts, transmission shafts, flywheels, armatures, brake discs, brake drums and spindles.

The motion systems range from fans, electric motors and impellors in components in the aerospace sector to automatic systems that handle road wheels for EOMs and commercial operators.

The ZB series horizontal balancing machines have hard bearings so that the centrifugal force generated by the unbalance does not cause vibrations in the structure bearing the rotor.

The pedestals of hard-bearing balancing machines are practically isotropic, meaning they are equally hard in all directions, making them suitable for balancing flexible rotors.

The Z series is fitted with real piezo-electric force transducers.

This technology enables rotors with a variety of weights to be balanced in a range of speeds, without penalising machine performance.

The VB vertical series is ideal for rotors that have a shorter axis length than their diameter or have no shaft of their own, for example grinding wheels, clutches, pulleys, flywheels and pump impellers.

In every case, CEMB instruments have automatic eccentricity correction systems that can correct on one or two planes.

Machines are linked to a touch-screen measuring unit (B11) that provides comprehensive analysis of each application with statistics and print-out records.

CEMB Hofmann welcomes enquiries concerning improving the efficiency of components and systems in motion through the benefits of accurate and expertly diagnosed and corrected balancing.

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