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CEMB Hofmann, specialists in balancing technology, has announced that it will be exhibiting its range range of products and services at Mach 2010.

The company’s range of balanced components include crankshafts, transmission shafts, flywheels, armatures, brake discs, brake drums, and spindles.

Motion systems range from fans, electric motors and impellors in components for the aerospace sector to automatic systems handling road wheels for EOM’s and commercial operators.

Correction benefits can include increased performance, longer life components, reduced noise levels and preventative maintenance problems.

For example, the company will demonstrate the ZB100-TCGV horizontal balancing machine, which is equipped with a touch-screen measuring unit that provides analysis, correction data and print-out records.

In addition, the N300 for portable balancing and vibration monitoring will also be on display.

Unbalanced rotating bodies cause vibration and mechanical stress that can affect the machine’s entire structure, reducing performance, producing stress, increasing wear and energy consumption and affecting operating costs.

On-site analysis can tackle the problem and eliminate the need for costly dismantling and downtime.

CEMB Hofmann has designed the N300 to meet the needs of engineering companies and maintenance personnel that require a compact and ergonomic balance monitor to measure the overall vibration value (ISO10816-3), take synchronous measurements (1rpm) and for field balancing of rotating bodies on one or two planes.

The N300 has a backlit graphic display and step-by-step software so that even occasional operators can use it.

The data can be transferred to a PC via the mini USB port.

CEMB Hofmann will be located on stand 5 in hall 5 at Mach.

CEMB Hofmann

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