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Cement company Holcim has announced that it experienced a very positive result with a Duroprotect 5 rotary valve supplied by Coperion, installed in a cement-conveying system.

The Duroprotect 5 rotary valve type ZPC 800 has a ceramic lined housing with tungsten-carbide welded rotor.

This valve was installed at Holcim’s Merone, Italy, facilities in October 2009 as a replacement for a screw pump feeding a conveying system at 130 tons/hour and backpressure of 0.7 to 1 bar.

The Coperion Competence Center Materials Handling has developed wear-protected, heavy-duty rotary valves for a range of abrasive bulk materials.

In Holcim’s experience, the rotary valve has reduced downtime but has also saved energy and maintenance cost significantly.

The pay back period in this case was nine months.

The installed power required for this rotary valve was 5.5kW instead of 200kW for the screw pump.

In addition, since 2006, Holcim has been operating the Coperion rotary valves for the pneumatic conveying of coal and petroleum coke.

In these applications, Coperion supplied rotary valves with Duroprotect, which have yet to show wear after 20,000 operating hours.

For coal and solid-fuel conveying systems, the Coperion Duroprotect rotary valves offer an additional benefit.

Due to the low rotor tip speed of less than 1m/sec., the rotary valve is not a potential source of ignition.

Additionally, it does not increase the fuels’ temperature, unlike the screw pump.

The rotary valve can also be used for Atex zone isolation, for example, of a silo and conveying system for solid fuels.

Coperion Werner and Pfleiderer

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