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Cenfra has launched a bespoke machinery design service exclusively for end-of-line applications to help UK food and drink companies to achieve more accurate and cost-efficient packaging systems.

The custom-built design offering allows businesses to explore automated processes and create personalised packaging solutions to suit their needs.

According to Cenfra, the cost effectiveness of automated solutions allows businesses to handle awkward, heavy or delicate items for complex processes such as product classification, printing and wrapping.

The company can offer completely impartial professional advice and guidance on the latest robotic and automation solutions.

Cenfra believes that investing in automation does not necessarily lead to job losses.

The introduction of new technology can free staff from more menial and repetitive tasks so that they can be redeployed on more productive activities.

With support from universities, specialist engineering centres and robotic and automation organisations, Cenfra provides a service that evaluates existing commercial solutions, identifies core function requirements and develops initial concepts through to full automation machine design.

The company’s specialist team can develop 3D modelling, component assembly drawing and freeform surfacing using computer-aided design software to enable rapid development to proof-of-principle modelling and concept evaluation.

Machine designs can then be incorporated into a discrete event computer simulation, which evaluates and quantifies, at little cost, the benefits and implications of integrating a different automation technique into new or existing production lines on a ‘virtual’ scale, without creating any disruption to current manufacturing operations.

This simulation technique is also said to help users to recognise how a new piece of equipment would affect particular factory areas and provides accurate and reliable virtual models according to the food manufacturer’s existing production setup or intended future arrangements, without the need for expensive physical mock-ups.

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