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Centa Transmissions has announced that it is now the UK agent for the Cylkro range of precision gears and components manufactured by ASSAG of Switzerland.

ASSAG produces a range of precision face gears that provide designers and engineers with a range of specification options.

A face gear transmission has an axis angle that can be chosen from 0deg to 135deg, although they are typically configured at 90deg.

The cylindrical pinion can move freely in the axial direction over the face gear teeth without affecting the contact pattern or backlash.

The face gear design facilitates a variety of geometries and the facility to take multiple drives off the face wheel, as well as providing high gear ratios in a single stage.

This facilitates an infinite number of capabilities and configurations.

Features of the Cylkro are the axial freedom of the pinion, free choice of axis angles up to 135deg and the ability to mesh multiple power transmissions off a single face gear.

Michael Sykes, division manager at Centa Gears, said: ’The benefits of face gears for engineers are that wear and tear is minimised as there are no axial forces on the pinion axis; they are quicker and easier to install than traditional bevel gears and the set only requires adjustment to one face.

’The contact pattern is unaffected by axial movement of the pinion and it is possible to put more power through with a face gear drive.

’Additionally, multiple outputs can be taken from a single face, a particular benefit for high-precision machine tool applications.

’This multi-mesh option also enables lower-cost bearings to be used,’ he added.

The Cylkro face gears from Centa are suitable components for high-volume products – cars, for example – where a reliable yet easily maintainable drive system is required.

Sykes said: ’Car maker Audi found that when they specified face gears in the centre differential of the Audi Quattro RS5, they created a reliable and robust drive unit yet reduced the unit weight by 2kg, when compared with a conventional differential.

’So successful was this system on the RS5 that all future Audi Quattro models will be fitted with this drive unit,’ he added.

As well as face gear sets, ASSAG produces complete angular gearboxes and three types are available using standard face gears.

Centa Transmissions

Founded in 1979, Centa Transmissions, is a specialist in the design, specification and manufacture of mechanical power transmissions for all types of industrial, plant and marine applications. Part of international group Centa Antriebe Kirschey, Centa supplies flexible couplings, gears, gearboxes, brakes and bespoke engineered drives to any specification and for any application.

Today, Centa is at the forefront of drive technology, having solved countless drive problems for international and UK manufacturing businesses. Centa’s reputation is built on the ability to solve problems, often specifying a combination of products that, as well as couplings, include precision gears, gearboxes, electromagnetic clutches and speed reducers. Centa has also developed their highly successful carbon fibre composite shafts for ships and boats and these are capable of covering spans of 10 metres without support.

Centa is also heavily involved in the renewable energy sector, working with research associations and specialist manufacturers to create mechanical transmission drives for systems in wind, wave, tidal and solar energy. With long-time involvement in the power generation sector, Centa is ideally placed to ensure that these environmentally friendly systems benefit from reliable and trouble-free drives, often submerged or in hard to reach locations that demand robust, totally sealed, maintenance-free operation.

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