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The Center-Flow Bullet Magnet is said to be easy to clean, making it ideal for dilute-phase operations because it maintains product velocity and integrity with no appreciable drop in pressure.

The new design maintains a 15psi rating for all types of dilute-phase pneumatic or gravity-flow conveying lines.

It also features a one-piece gasket that improves sealing along the production line and eliminates leaking.

Bunting Center-Flow Magnets are engineered to remove ferrous fines, as well as larger pieces of tramp iron from dry particulates.

To achieve optimum contact with the product flow, a bullet-shaped magnet is suspended in the centreline of the housing.

This tapered, exposed-pole cartridge has a stainless-steel ‘nose cone’ to direct the flow of material around the magnet.

The exposed poles are said to provide superior holding force.

In addition, the poles are tapered to provide a static recess area where small metal fines can collect and hide out of the air stream to avoid wipe-off.

The trailing end of the magnetic cartridge is an active pole and any tramp metal that might be swept down will be collected on the ‘protected’ end of the magnetic cartridge.

The magnet housing features a hinged cover that opens exposing the magnet.

The magnet is removed from the housing and is cleaned by wiping the tramp metal down the cartridge and off the end.

An optional clear sight glass is available that allows the operator to see inside the housing without opening the cover.

The Center-Flow Magnet is available with Ceramic or Rare-Earth magnets.

It can be installed easily in any position or angle with factory-supplied compression couplings, meaning it can be installed in vertical or horizontal piping.

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