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Ceram has extended the scope of its microstructural and mineralogical analysis services with the acquisition of an X-ray Diffractometer (XRD).

The XRD system provides faster analysis turnaround, increased resolution, non-powder sample analysis and improved Rietveld refinement, as well as three new techniques: X-Ray reflectivity (XRR); grazing incidence XRD (GIXRD); and micro-diffraction (m-XRD).

XRD provides detailed information on the crystallographic structure, chemical composition and physical properties of materials and thin films.

The technique produces phase identification, phase quantification, degree of crystallinity, crystallite size and unit cell size.

The system will enable Ceram’s clients to understand crystal structures within materials that often control performance properties through mineralogical assemblages and detailed structure; these often prove to be critical.

XRD has many applications, including coated glasses, polymers, silicon wafers, solar cells, filters, catalyst carriers, corroded products and liquid crystal displays.

CERAM is a global expert in materials testing, analysis and consultancy,providing customised solutions that can help you to measurably improveperformance and profitability through safer, regulatory-compliant andbetter-engineered products.

Setting new standards in materials testing, our experts work as extensionsof our clients’ teams, applying their expertise and capabilities to a widerange of sectors, including:

aerospace & defence

automotive & transport


consumer & retail


energy & environment


materials manufacturing



Headquartered in Staffordshire, UK, with laboratories and offices around theworld, CERAM employs a team of research and product developmentprofessionals who are involved in physical and chemical materials testing,research, process engineering, product design and failure analysis.

We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013) in the UK and haveCERAM-accredited laboratories around the world.

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