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Ceramicx is working with the University of Limerick on quality assurance (QA) and testing technology that will enable the development of infrared heating solutions for new consumer markets.

The work will also see the company create new markets for its industrial clients.

The core of the QA work centres on developing systems of more closely specified nominal wattage tolerances for the ceramic and quartz electrical elements in Ceramicx’s products.

There are four key validation stages in the Ceramicx QA system.

The flash test allows the electrical integrity of the insulating materials to be verified and is designed to catch manufacturing defects that could otherwise lead to exposed electrical heating elements and wires.

The nominal tolerance test will establish the degree to which the actual wattage of a given product deviates from its rated wattage and can assist in reducing large variations.

For the load test, the product is energised with high-voltage electrical power to rapidly elevate its temperature.

The measured temperature reached within a given timeframe then allows the functionality of the product to be assessed.

The fourth validation stage is thermal analysis.

After reaching the target temperature, infrared images of the product are then recorded in order to provide for a visual inspection of the heating element within.

These images are unique for each product tested – are matched to that product’s serial number – and are traceable.

These images will also be statistically analysed by the test software to determine the heat distribution across the product and identify hot or cold spots.

For models with built-in thermocouples, the integrity, operation and placement of these thermocouples will also be validated.

Over the course of the next few months, and via the resources of the internet, Ceramicx will be able to put this QA database online – for the benefit of all its customers, present and future.

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