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Ceratizit’s Maximill 211 family of indexable insert shoulder mills has been used in the medium-rough milling of titanium, inconel, heat-resistant steel and other so-called exotic materials.

The company said that the arrival of the CTC5235 and CTC5240 insert grades has been central to this success.

The inserts feature a special carbide substrate, where the binder is doped to achieve good heat resistance without loss of toughness, and Ceratizit’s own Hypercoat-C CVD coatings.

The company added that it has also paid close attention to insert geometry and the specially designed F40 geometry is helping to ensure that on difficult-to-machine materials these new grades are performing well.

Following the success of the original Maximill 211-11 shoulder and end-mills range with 11mm (XDKT 11T3) inserts with corner radii from 0.4-4.0mm, Ceratizit is now adding larger 15mm inserts (XDKT 1505) and a family of ‘long-edge’ milling cutters for both insert sizes.

These long-edge milling cutters are claimed to generate productivity improvements by allowing larger depths of cut and providing good tool-life when machining titanium (in excess of two hours between insert changes in some applications), with cutting data of typically 60-80m/min and feed rates/radial engagement selected to provide un-deformed chip thickness of around 0.10-0.13mm.

They are said to be ideally suited to component features that are otherwise slow and difficult to machine, such as pockets and external walls on big titanium forgings with variable depth of cut, and large turbine-blade forgings with heavy stock removal.


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