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The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) has assigned SGS Korea as an Authorized Agency (AA) to arrange Korea Certification-Safety (KC) for pressure-vessel importation.

The final certification is issued by KOSHA, based on AA application with required documents.

SGS Korea is now authorised to arrange this legally compulsory certification mark that must appear on every pressure vessel with a design pressure above 0.2MPa (2kgf/cm2).

The certification process, with AA involvement, consists of various steps and enables companies to save time and costs due to the streamlined certification process, which eliminates redundant procedures.

The manufacturer or importer places a contract with an AA or AA affiliate (EA), about which the KOSHA must be informed.

The evaluation procedure itself incorporates the documentary assessment (DA) and the product assessment (PA).

The documentary assessment includes the verification of the technical documentation, together with the design appraisal, and commences before the fabrication starts.

The product assessment is an individual verification, during which each pressure vessel is inspected separately before it leaves the works.

The AA prepares all required documents after reviewing DA/PA results and applies for release from the regional or area office of KOSHA.

When KOSHA confirms the release of the DA/PA documents, the AA can apply for a KC certificate.

The KC Mark verifies that the product is safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and of a high quality.

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