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CFE, a subsidiary of the Vinci Group, has selected a Europont bridge crane equipped with a Verlinde Eurobloc VT hoist for rehabilitating the Brussels tram museum and operations depot.

It is radio-controlled, has a 1.6-ton capacity, and will be used for handling tramway roof elements during maintenance operations.

All movements – raising, lowering, longitudinal or transverse – are with continuous speed variation.

CFE is organised around several activity sectors: construction and renovation of civil engineering and building infrastructures; dredging and environmental services; marine engineering services; multi-technical services.

Since September 2007, CFE Brabant has undertaken the renovation of the tramway depot of the Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB) in Woluwe-St.-Pierre.

This classified historical site hosts the Brussels Urban Transport Museum next to the active depot.

The roofing containing asbestos was replaced and the roof also insulated over the museum, after repair and reinforcement of the authentic wooden roof structure.

The facades were restored and the operations building and museum with the ‘1941’ annex have been renovated, preserving their historic character.

CFE Brabant is also modernising the depot, which is remaining active during the works.

New maintenance pits have been created and a new social building and spare parts store are planned in the depot.

The renovation works will be finished in early 2009.

It was in the STIB depot that Verlinde’s Europont bridge crane was installed.

With a hoisting capacity of 1.6 tons, it will service track 21 in the middle of the American pit equipped with catwalks running along both sides of the track.

The bridge will be used for handling elements on the tramway roof (catenaries, auxiliary converters, and so on) in the train servicing and maintenance programmes.

The bridge’s longitudinal rollways are suspended on gantries that support these catwalks on columns.

All the movements of hoisting/lowering, longitudinal or transverse motion are in continuous speed variation between the minimum and maximum limits.

The frequency variators that control these motions allow gradual starting and stopping, while the switch from minimum to maximum speeds and vice versa is controlled by a speed ramp to be programmed in the variator.

The requirements at the level of electromagnetic compatibility will be complied with.

The bridge crane is radio-controlled.

A suspended button box can also be used either from the catwalk or from the ground under the bridge beams.

This suspended control is used only as a standby control.

The box pushbuttons and radio controls have to be pressed twice.

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