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At the Paris Air Show on 17–21 June 2013, CGTech will highlight its expanded range of Vericut software applications for the aerospace industry. CGTech will be found on Stand 2B-F172 at the event.

The company’s Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software is used in aerospace and defence to improve the efficiency of CNC machine tools. It enables users to eliminate the process of manually proving out NC programs.

Throughout the show, CGTech will demonstrate Vericut composite applications including Vericut Composite Paths for Engineering, Vericut Composite Programming and Vericut Composite Simulation.

Visitors will be given a thorough overview of the steps needed to get from a CAD-designed composite part to CNC programs that drive automated composite machinery. There will be information on projects that highlight the implementation and use of machine-independent offline NC programming and simulation software for AFP machines, including robot AFP cells.

CGTech will also demonstrate its programming and simulation software for automated tape laying by showcasing the programming and simulation of an mTorres ATL machine.

Further information

  • Vericut simulates all types of CNC machining, including the multi-axis milling, drilling and trimming of composite parts, waterjet cutting, robotic machining and mill/turn centres.
  • The software runs standalone, but can also be integrated with CAM systems used in aerospace including Dassault Systemes’ Catia, Siemens’ PLM NX, Delcam’s Powermill and Open Mind’s Hypermill.
  • Vericut Drilling and Fastening — on show at the event — is designed for simulating and programming auto-drilling and fastening machines used to assemble large aero-structures. It allows the user to program drilling and fastener assembly operations in a virtual machine-tool environment and provides simulation to check for a variety of error conditions.
  • The Vericut Drilling and Fastening module interfaces to CAD/CAM/PLM systems such as Catia and NX and is independent of the assembly machine manufacturer.

CGTech is the developer of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software. Vericut protects CNC machine tools against potentially disastrous collisions by providing a virtual machining environment for program simulation and testing of post processed CNC code. Vericut is used extensively to increase the efficiency of complex five-axis machining centres and Mill/Turn machines.

Vericut is a standalone product but can also be integrated with all leading CAD/CAM/PLM systems including Catia, Siemens NX, PTC, Delcam Powermill. EdgeCAM, MasterCAM and Open Mind Hypermill.

CGTech has recently released new programming and simulation software products for the rapidly growing CNC composites automated fibre placement market.

CGTech is the recognised world leader in CNC simulation and verification software. Based in Irvine California CGTech have subsidiaries in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and resellers throughout the world.

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