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CGTech will be showcasing it’s Vericut Composites Applications Software on stand 400 at the Composites Engineering Show on 29-30 September at NEC Birmingham.

Visitors to the CGTech’s stand will see an overview of the steps needed to get from a CAD-designed composite part to CNC programs that drive an Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) machine.

Current customer projects include: a large one-piece fuselage barrel on an Electroimpact multi-machine AFP fabrication cell; an aircraft inlet duct on a Cincinnati Viper 1200 AFP machine; the challenges encountered supporting a flexible AFP gantry machine; layup of a U-channel structure on a seven-axis mTorres AFP machine; and aircraft skin panels and experiments using an AFP head mounted on a six-axis robot.

Throughout the show, CGTech will be demonstrating Vericut Composite Applications, Vericut Composite Programming (VCP) and Vericut Composite Simulation (VCS).

VCP reads CAD surfaces and ply-boundary information, and adds material to fill the plies according to user-specified manufacturing standards and requirements.

Layup paths are linked together to form specific layup sequences and are output as NC programs for the automated layup machine.

VCS reads CAD models and NC programs, either from VCP or other composite layup path-generation applications, and simulates the sequence of NC programs on a virtual machine.

Material is applied to the layup form via NC program instructions in a virtual CNC simulation environment.

The simulated material applied to the form can be measured and inspected to ensure the NC program follows manufacturing standards and requirements.

A report showing simulation results and statistical information can be automatically created.

CGTech will also be exhibiting its latest version of Vericut CNC machine simulation software.

Vericut simulates all types of CNC machining, including multi-axis milling, drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, riveting, robotics, mill/turn and parallel kinematics.

Vericut runs standalone, but can also be integrated with CAM systems used in aerospace, including Catia and Siemens NX.

CGTech is the developer of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software. Vericut protects CNC machine tools against potentially disastrous collisions by providing a virtual machining environment for program simulation and testing of post processed CNC code. Vericut is used extensively to increase the efficiency of complex five-axis machining centres and Mill/Turn machines.

Vericut is a standalone product but can also be integrated with all leading CAD/CAM/PLM systems including Catia, Siemens NX, PTC, Delcam Powermill. EdgeCAM, MasterCAM and Open Mind Hypermill.

CGTech has recently released new programming and simulation software products for the rapidly growing CNC composites automated fibre placement market.

CGTech is the recognised world leader in CNC simulation and verification software. Based in Irvine California CGTech have subsidiaries in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and resellers throughout the world.

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