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Yuasa Battery Sales has designed battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries, including industrial VRLA, automotive, motorcycle and cyclic types used in mobility scooters and golf trolleys.

The new Yupower range features six models encompassing 900mA 12/6V for motorcycle batteries, 2A 6V and 12V models, 4A and 8A 12V chargers and a 4A 24V unit.

Other than the 900mA 12/6V motorcycle battery charger, all models utilise the latest multistage and hybrid charging techniques to enhance battery life.

Features include soft-start technology to provide extra protection for both battery and charger, automatic desulphation for prolonged battery life and multistate charging to deliver a 100 per cent state of charge.

Chargers of 4A and above are supplied with Torbury connectors as standard with a Torbury-to-crocodile-clip converter, while the motorcycle and 2A chargers feature standard motorcycle connectors with accessories available to convert to crocodile clips or ring connectors.

A charger accessory adaptor is also available to allow connection to common golf-trolley battery connectors.

The range includes a basic battery state-of-charge analyser that indicates whether a battery is fully charged or semi-discharged.

Ideal for charging all types of lead-acid batteries, Yuasa’s new Yupower intelligent chargers are available from a range of distributors in the UK.

Yuasa Battery Sales

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