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Chelsea Technologies has expanded its Lux miniature fluorimeter range with a range of complementary accessories, including the Roamer wireless data link.

The Roamer wireless data link is said to give the user freedom in the field to make high-precision measurements anywhere at any time.

The Roamer provides power to the fluorimeter and wirelessly transmits data for viewing and storage on a PDA.

Data can also be stamped with GPS position data.

Other accessories include shade caps, flow-through chambers, calibration cells, mechanical wipers and a USB interface dongle for direct connection to a PC.

Applications include in situ chlorophyll-a and algae class studies, environmental monitoring, dye tracing, particulate studies, cell-culture monitoring and process control.

With the new range of accessories, the Lux fluorimeters can be deployed in any application, according to Chelsea Technologies.

These include: flow-through systems; buoy systems; profiling systems; towed vehicles; gliders; AUVs; and deployed independently in the field or from survey boats, and so on.

The Lux range of fluorimeters cover measurements of chlorophyll-a, turbidity, hydrocarcon, gelbstoffe (CDOM), phycoerythrin cyanobacteria, phycocyanin cyanobacteria and many dyes, including rhodamine and fluorescein.

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