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Chelsea Technology is to demonstrate its portfolio of coastal and oceanographic monitoring sensors at Ocean Business.

Justin Dunning, sales manager at Chelsea, will demonstrate the company’s range of miniature, multi-wavelength Lux fluorimeters on board RV Callista at the event.

The fluorimeters are being used by researchers in both the oceanographic and freshwater communities.

They can be configured to measure a range of oceanographic parameters, including chlorophyll-a, turbidity, dissolved organic matter and tryptophan.

However, Chelsea said that the most popular application to date has been dye tracing and oil-in-water monitoring.

The Lux range of fluorimeters has recently been enhanced with a range of accessories that allow the small fluorimeters to be used in almost any deployment scenario.

Chelsea will also demonstrate the versatile Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeters system.

Applications for this system include primary productivity measurements, coastal monitoring, iron fertilisation experiments, algal bloom monitoring and the protection of water supplies against accidental or deliberate contamination.

In addition, development of the company’s Fastact system is said to simplify the automation of laboratory-based experiments, including the running of fully automated light curves.

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