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Marigold Industrial has launched a chemical permeation chart for disposable gloves that acts as a reference tool for people who need to know what levels of protection disposable gloves will offer.

The chart is said to be ideally suited to those working the laboratory sector and provides essential information on what levels of contact time Marigold Industrial’s disposable gloves provide against 96 common workplace chemicals.

The easy-to-follow chart adopts a number rating from zero to six to highlight specific glove permeation performance against the listed chemicals.

A glove with a score of six provides permeation protection of more than eight hours while a glove with a score of zero provides protection of less than 10 minutes and is therefore inappropriate for use with a particular chemical.

Users can also cross-reference official chemical names with their common alternative names.

Permeation is the process by which a chemical can pass through a protective barrier – for example, a glove – without going through visible openings.

Molecules of a specific chemical enter the glove material and effectively wriggle through the compound with the glove material often appearing unchanged to the human eye despite the fact its protection has been compromised.

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