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Chemique Adhesives and Sealants has developed a water-based adhesive that is claimed to offer the performance of a solvent grade without the concerns of VOC levels.

Protak 780 has been tested successfully against traditional SBR grades in the production of plasterboard panels, giving similar spraying and curing properties as the solvent grade.

The adhesive has a good open time and particularly high tack.

This results in the product being ideal for cold pressing, where good initial grab is required and is now being used in other areas such as wood lamination, and pressing flat surfaces that tend to curl such as thin papers, laminates, cork and fabric.

Protak 780 can be sprayed or applied by roller coater, and has been used in a variety of applications such as the manufacture of magnetic and pin message boards, wall panelling and plasterboard production, foil lamination and the manufacture of office partition screens.

Protak 780 is part of the Protak PVA range of adhesives that offers various different grades suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

They offer good open times and high bond strengths as well as drying to a clear bond line.

Chemique Adhesives and Sealants

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