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Chemlogix has implemented On-Demand, a web-based transportation management system (TMS), at Arizona Chemical, giving it online carrier contracting and rate management capabilities.

On-Demand has allowed Arizona Chemical to interact electronically with carriers to assign loads and track delivery status as well as monitor and report on freight costs and activities, including historical spend and carrier performance.

The system allows carriers to update negotiated rates online, reducing Arizona Chemical’s workload.

Now Arizona Chemical can see carrier rates and lanes online, it can more cost effectively choose the right carrier for specific shipments.

Shipments are automatically routed based on cost and service considerations and tendered and confirmed with the carriers by EDI and web-based interfaces.

The On-Demand TMS supports Arizona Chemical’s domestic and export operations and gives it the tools for dock and bulk rack scheduling to better manage assets between its plants, drivers and contracted carriers.

Chemlogix’s streamlined enrollment process meant TMS implementation at the chemical company took just seven months.

Operations went live in July 2008 at Arizona Chemical’s six domestic plants.

User-friendly systems enabled Chemlogix to train a core team at Arizona Chemical, which then dispersed its knowledge throughout the company.

The On-Demand TMS has improved Arizona Chemical’s freight operations in areas including online carrier contract and rate management, electronic shipment routing, automated carrier selection and real-time status updates.


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