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Acosense has introduced the Acospector acoustic chemometer, a multi-analysis instrument designed to measure properties such as viscosity, total solids, density and mass flow in complex fluids.

The instrument can measure properties in fluids that are otherwise difficult or impossible to measure.

Through the use of active acoustic spectroscopy, the Acospector can measure one or more properties simultaneously and in real time, including viscosity, total solids, density, mass flow, concentration, fibre length and more.

Acospector is a clamp-on instrument; it is never in contact with the measured fluid or gas and can be applied in full production.

It will give real-time monitoring with accurate measurements of typically +/- 1 per cent (accuracy depends on customer requirements and calibration data).

Two examples are: viscosity in colloidal silica +/-1cP; total solid in black liquor +/-1 per cent TS.

Used to measure total solids in black liquor in a chemical pulp plant, it can make the recovery boiler up to five per cent more efficient, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

The instrument can readily measure properties in fluids that are corrosive, opaque, viscous, or have high concentration.

Measurement is possible on virtually every liquid medium and pipe material, according to Acosense.

Traditional measuring devices have to be installed inside the pipe, taking up a lot of space, measuring only one property at a time, or having to be applied and maintenance done while production is down.

Acosense claimed that Acospector offers a way of measuring fluids in real time, with low maintenance and reliable measurements.

Acosense is a Swedish high tech company that develops and sells an instrument for noninvasive fluid analysis. The technology, Active Acoustic Spectroscopy, is a Swedish innovation that makes it possible for process industries to measure properties in fluids that are otherwise seen as difficult or impossible.

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