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Chempix, the decorative division of photo-etching company Precision Micro, has manufactured more than 7,000 polished stainless-steel ‘fishes’ for Konoba, a bar and restaurant in the Seychelles.

Scabetti’s Shoal design combines organic forms, tactile surfaces, the creative use of light and reflections and high-quality English-made materials.

This all came together in a commission, developed with architect and designer Albert Angel, for the Konoba venue.

Photo etching was the preferred manufacturing route for Chempix as it is accurate, fast, flexible and economical and it produces parts with no surface imperfections or tooling marks.

The fish were all identical, manufactured using the same, single piece of photo tooling.

Chempix was able to meet the client’s stringent timescale, etching 250 sheets in less than a week, producing 7,000 fishes and delivering them by hand to Scabetti’s Staffordshire base.

Frances Bromley of Scabetti said: ‘In a single, quick process, Chempix was able to produce burr-free, stress-free fish, with the fine detail we required and without significant upfront tooling charges.

‘Chempix took our design, digitised it and supplied finished samples in hours and completed the whole order in days, enabling us to meet our tight deadline,’ added Bromley.

In the installation, the fish ‘swim’ across the entire length of the venue, ending in a bait-ball spiral formation overhead in the bar area.

Precision Micro is one of the largest specialist components manufacturing operations in Europe, innovating, developing and utilizing a unique combination of manufacturing processes to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

The company has pioneered developments in chemical etching, electroforming and mechanical forming, achieving standards admired by the industry and appreciated by customers in automotive, communications, aerospace, electronics, medical, military and other ‘high-tech’ engineering industries.

More than Europe’s largest independent chemical etching operation, Precision Micro is generally considered to be the technology leader in its industry having developed new innovative process routes (LEEF and LEEP) that have reset benchmarks for precision, accuracy and repeatability.

We specialize in production technologies that provide economic, low risk, fast, flexible solutions for our customers, minimizing their up-front cost exposure through the use of digital tooling while providing the fastest ‘time to market’. Providing prototypes within hours and volume requirements in a timely and economical fashion, using the very same process technologies is what Precision Micro is all about.

Precision Micro… The name for Technology, Expertise, Innovation and Quality in precision components manufacture.

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