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A nuclear power plant in China has selected Dowex resins for condensate polishing and brine cleaning.

Dow Water Solutions have supplied Dowex Monosphere ion exchange resins 650C and 550A for condensate polishing, along with Dowex Marathon C, Marathon A and Marathon WBA series for brine cleaning, for installation at Ling Ao nuclear power plant (Phase II), located adjacent to the Daya Bay nuclear power plant.

The deep-bed condensate polishing systems in pressurised water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plants filter corrosion products transported from the main condenser, to help control secondary cycle steam generator chemistry.

It requires complete separation of the mixed resin to improve effluent water quality.

High mechanical strength and oxidative stability are also desirable features, for less release of total organic carbon (TOC) species from cation resin to help minimise downstream sulphate excursions.

With uniform particle size distribution and high mechanical stability, Dowex Monosphere resins can help to achieve good cation/anion separation during regeneration, providing more thorough and effective regeneration and improved water quality with reduced resin cross-regeneration, all of which help to increase the cost-effectiveness of the system and the nuclear power plant.

China is accelerating the construction of nuclear power plants and raising the ratio of nuclear power to 5 per cent of the total energy mix by 2020, according to the newly formed State Energy Bureau (SEB).

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