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Antenova has announced that its ultra-small Indica 2.4GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna has been chosen by Teraoka for the Teraoka/DIGI product line of electronic shelf labels (ESL).

Providing high performance in space-limiting environments, Antenova’s MDA antenna outperformed competitive solutions, particularly when placed in the proximity of metal objects such as supermarket shelves and product tins – the company claims.

‘Teraoka/DIGI’s extensive range of electronic shelf labels provides significant advantages over paper labels, such as reduction in labour, improved accuracy, real-time price change and promotional opportunities, while being eco-friendly with less paper consumption,’ stated Greg McCray, chief executive officer of Antenova.

Antenova’s 2.4GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna not only met the challenging size restrictions of Teraoka’s 66 x 35 x 12mm electronic shelf label, which is mostly taken up by the LCD display, but also met their performance requirements and even extended the connectivity range,’ McCray added, Antenova offers the Giganova range of standard antenna solutions for a range of embedded and M2M applications requiring cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and GPS (1.575GHz) connectivity.

Antenova also offers a range of development support and RF testing to help reduce customisation and design costs, and accelerate time to market.

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