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Broadcom is expanding the opportunity for OEMs to deliver wireless innovation in personal computers, notebooks and netbooks with its BCM43142 Inconcert combo chip.

The new chip combines Wi-Fi Direct connectivity with seamless proximity-based pairing, simplifying wireless connectivity in the home.

The combo chip supports a variety of platforms, including next-generation Windows and Android-based systems.

The single-die BCM43142 is said to be the industry’s first 40nm Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combo Chip for notebooks and netbooks.

It features power savings and co-existence improvements over earlier Inconcert PC combo modules that Broadcom has been shipping since 2008.

With its high levels of integration, the 40nm device also provides a significant reduction in footprint, a lower bill of materials and a 40 per cent reduction in power consumption, providing a cost-effective and compact solution for the PC market.

The BCM43142 software development kit includes APIs for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth High Speed and 802.11n Wi-Fi Direct functionality.

This allows devices to automatically recognise and communicate with each other directly, delivering applications such as proximity-based PC security, routerless collaboration and instant photo/video sharing.

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