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The Inrevium TE4302 LSI chip provides high data-transfer speeds for applications such as continuous shooting in digital cameras and long-duration, high-definition recording in digital video cameras.

Available from Tokyo Electron Device, this chip has a bridge function between UHS-I of the latest high-speed interface standard for SD memory cards and MMC DDR mode of the latest standard for multimedia cards (MMCs) and ATA or CF.

The latest standard for SD memory cards published by the SD Association has defined the UHS-I interface to support higher speeds (SDR50: 50MB/sec; SDR104: 104MB/sec; DDR50: 50MB/sec, etc.).

The TE4302 is a controller LSI that supports UHS-I of the latest SD card standard and MMC DDR mode of MMC standard, and has a function for bridging between these media interfaces and other interfaces, such as ATA and CF.

Supporting SDR104 ,which is the highest bus speed mode of the UHS-I, the LSI maximises data-transfer performance with the new generation of UHS-I SD memory cards.

To suit diversified applications, the host side interface can be configured by a mode change to connect to a 32-bit or 16-bit synchronous CPU interface instead of ATA or CF.

The media interface also supports two channels.

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