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Using a fine-line, thick film patterning technique, the HVC series of high-voltage surface-mount chip resistors from Rhopoint offers designers stability and low-voltage coefficients.

When manufacturing high-voltage chip resistors traditional thick film process methods limit performance characteristics and thin film is limited in its range of resistance values it can offer.

The fine-line patterning technique used in the HVC series offers the best characteristics of both worlds.

The resistor obtains this by featuring a longer high-aspect ratio trace of lower resistivity film.

The combination of long line, high-aspect ratio and higher conductivity film give this range of resistors good linearity, stability and noise performance.

The result is a chip resistor with good stability and high-voltage performance up to 3500V in the 3512 size device.

Resistance values up to 2 Terra ohms are available in the 2512 and 3512 sizes.

This resistor series offers low temperature and voltage coefficients.

The HVC series is available in case sizes 0402 to 3512.

Custom configurations such as resistor networks and dividers are also available using this technology.

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