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Chipwrights has announced that its Linux software development kit provides Openembedded support for developers designing multimedia applications based on the CW5631 system-on-chip.

According to the company, customers can now access thousands of open-source packages, including GTK+, Qt, the X Windows System and Java plus tools, which shorten development time and speed time-to-market.

The software development kit release is based on the Openembedded build system, which offers integration with a variety of third-party software.

Openembedded is the build framework designed to create embedded Linux distributions.

By leveraging the Linux open-source environment with the processing power and peripheral set in the CW5631 processor, developers can quickly release applications such as IP cameras, IPTVs, personal media players, and digital signage and networked video applications.

Based on the Linux 2.6.29 kernel, this release includes the complete kernel with all necessary device drivers for the Chipwrights hardware development kit, source code for media player, media browser and IP camera applications integrated with the Openembedded build environment.

Linux 2.6.29 kernel highlights include video capture support (V4L2) for various video sources, allowing users to easily port video capture applications to the CW5631 processor, and SDIO wi-fi support for portable media players.


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