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Chiral Photonics has introduced the Helica evanescent coupler (Helica EC): a fibre-based coupler for the evanescent coupling of light into planar waveguide structures or other microphotonics.

This coupler is available in three basic variations: EC-S, a standard evanescent coupler; EC-PM, a polarisation-maintaining (PM) evanescent coupler; and EC-P, a polarising evanescent coupler.

The Helica EC is typically provided pre-attached to an aluminium frame that can be mounted onto positioning equipment for optimal mating with the photonic device of interest.

Customised mounting specifications can also be accommodated.

Helica EC products are usually made of Corning SMF28 optical fibres, although they can be provided in other fibres to accommodate, for instance, other wavelengths of interest.

Similarly, PM versions typically utilise Corning Puremode PM photonic fibres but can use any PM fibres to suit users’ varying integration needs.

Polarising Helica ECs integrate Chiral Photonics’s in-fibre polariser, together with the evanescent coupler, to deliver polarised light to the coupled device.

Typical applications include planar waveguide structure coupling, photonic microstructure coupling and nanostructure coupling.

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