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Chiral Photonics has introduced the Helica Interconnect (Helica TC) in-fibre, spot-size-converting interconnect.

The Helica TC is used for the coupling of light from an optical fibre into a planar waveguide device, photodiode or other high-numerical-aperture (NA) waveguide.

A vanishing-core fibre design allows light from a conventional low-NA fibre to be coupled to another waveguide with much smaller mode field dimensions at high coupling efficiency.

The Helica TC can be used with an air gap but it also allows index-matching compounds to be used between the coupler and the waveguide, as opposed to microlens-based coupling in which an air gap is unavoidable.

It is available in three basic polarisation-maintaining (PM) or polarising variations: TC-PL, a linearly polarising tapered coupler; TC-PC, a circularly polarising tapered coupler; and TC-PM, a polarisation-maintaining tapered coupler.

The Helica TC products are end-face coupled and are provided within an all-glass construction (package A) or within a metal tube (packages B and C).

Either design is pigtailed with a PM fibre pigtail.

The standard central wavelengths provided are 1,550nm, 1,310nm, 1,060nm and 980nm.

The technology is readily scalable and other central wavelengths and custom-mode field diameters can be provided.

A coupler chuck with a standard 6.35mm (0.25) outer diameter for compatibility with standard mounts is also available, in conjunction with the standard metal-tube package (package B).

Typical applications include planar waveguide device coupling, photodiode coupling, laser diode coupling and nanostructure coupling.

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