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Chloride has launched Trinergy, a high-power modular system that is scalable up to 9.6MW.

With up to 99 per cent efficiency, Trinergy is said to be the most energy-efficient Class 1 UPS currently available for protecting mission critical infrastructure, such as Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres, from disruptions to mains power supply.

Incorporating the three industry standard operating configurations – Maximum Power Control (VFI), Maximum Energy Saving (VFD) and Power Conditioning (VI) – in a single UPS for the first time, Trinergy can achieve energy efficiency of up to 99 per cent.

Its average working efficiency in a typical data centre environment is 97.9 per cent, which means that for a 1MW Trinergy UPS, power savings can amount to 67kW continuously per year.

Trinergy’s intelligent algorithm continually monitors the power supply and automatically selects the most efficient operating mode to use only the energy required.

Utilising the transformer-free technology used within Chloride’s existing 80-NET 200kW UPS, Trinergy’s modular design protects loads rated between 200 and 1200kW.

A single UPS can consist of up to six 200kW modules to achieve a rating of 1,200kW and up to eight 1.2MW Trinergy UPS can be connected in parallel to provide up to 9.6MW of power protection.

Its modular design enables Trinergy to be configured to meet the immediate critical-load requirements without oversizing, significantly reducing initial capital costs.

Additional modules can be added easily, as and when required, and different levels of system redundancy can be configured to meet the power-protection demands of tier-configuration-compliant data centres.

Trinergy’s technology offers users unprecedented reductions in Total Cost of Ownership.

Unlike most UPS systems, Trinergy is fully kW rated so its kW power rating is the same as its nominal kVA rating.

This means that it can provide up to 20 per cent more output power than a similar UPS of the same kVA rating.

An input power factor of more than 0.99 and a Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) of less than three per cent reduces the generator power required to support the UPS system by as much as 25 per cent over traditionally designed UPS systems, allowing further cost savings to be made.

In addition, a unique circular redundancy feature enables Trinergy to switch OFF excess UPS power capacity not being used to meet immediate load requirements.

Trinergy’s modular design enables quick and easy servicing and maintenance with the capability of internal redundancy.

Concurrent maintainability means that single power modules can be isolated for safe maintenance, while the remaining modules continue to supply conditioned power to the load, improving its Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and ensuring maximum availability.

Each module is designed with units that are easily withdrawable from the front for easy access and simplified maintenance.

The UPS is also compatible with Chloride’s remote diagnostics system,, which provides early warning of any alarm condition or UPS out of tolerance, allowing for maintenance and incident response.

Trinergy includes: three industry-standard operating configurations in one high-power UPS: maximum power control (VFI), maximum energy saving (VFD), high efficiency and power conditioning (VI); up to 99 per cent efficiency TUV certified; scalable up to 9.6MW; unity input power factor with less than three per cent THDi; full IGBT double-conversion UPS technology provides a secure, compact system; less energy dissipation due to high efficiency reduces necessary air-conditioning size and power by 400 per cent; 100 per cent uptime; and compatibility.

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