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Sensorex has launched the CLD series chlorine-dioxide sensor, a flexible and low-cost solution for applications including water treatment disinfection and chlorine-dioxide generators.

The CLD series sensor offers real-time chlorine-dioxide (ClO2) measurement with an advanced amperometric sensor.

It is available in both 0-2ppm and 0-10ppm measurement ranges for real-time, amperometric chlorine-dioxide measurement with a 4-20mA output.

The sensor’s long-life design reduces maintenance cycles, which lowers lifecycle costs with less frequent sensor membrane cap/solution replacement and reduced technician installation time.

The CLD sensor is said to install easily via the Sensorex FC72 flow cell with 0.25in FNPT threads or can be installed as a direct drop-in replacement for other ClO2 sensors.

The CLD’s sensor operates over a range of 4-11pH, at temperatures from 0-45C (32-113F) and at a maximum pressure of 14.7psig (1 bar).

Chlorine dioxide is a potent biocide and is used to destroy harmful pathogens such as the SARS virus and the Legionella bacterium.

It has chemical properties that set it apart from chlorine: it is 10 times more soluble in water (at 3.01g/litre at 25C) and does not hydrolyse when placed in solution.

As a ‘true’ dissolved gas it is able to retain its oxidative and biocidal properties throughout a wide pH range.

Chlorine dioxide is well suited for a variety of water applications, including municipal drinking water disinfection and industrial applications such as food processing and industrial process water treatment.

After ClO2 diffuses across the CLD sensor’s hydrophobic silicone membrane separating the cathode and electrolyte solution, it is simultaneously electrochemically reduced at the gold cathode and oxidised at the silver anode.

The release of electrons at the cathode and acceptance at the anode creates a current flow, which, under constant conditions, is proportional to the chlorine-dioxide concentration in the medium outside the sensor.

The sensor’s on-board electronic circuitry then conditions the resulting low-current output to a 4-20mA signal.

The CLD sensor can be installed in conjunction with Sensorex’s FM001 flowmeter to condition the liquid flow for high levels of system stability.

Combining a flowmeter with the CLD sensor results in high levels of measurement accuracy, according to Sensorex.

The 4-20mA output signal produced by the CLD series is compatible with both programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCS) to easily support a range of applications from small standalone, single-point measurement stations to large plant-wide network systems.

It is constructed from rugged black PVC and includes a specialised acrylic flow cell (Model FC72) to control and stabilise the flow environment.

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