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TRIM TEC lubricating oils from Master Chemical combine high-quality synthetic and semi-synthetic hydrocracked base fluids with carefully-selected additives to improve cutting and grinding performance.

Developed in Europe specifically for European manufacturers, the range offers reduced oil consumption to optimise operating costs; lower fire risk thanks to higher flash points; and lower foam for improved cutting and grinding performance.

They are free from polycyclic aromatics and so contribute to a safer working environment.

Very low or no mist even at high temperatures is a key benefit of two synthetic oils in the range.

These are TRIM TEC OE105, which is suitable for honing all materials and particularly suited to very fine machining operations; and TRIM TEC OE209, which is a universal machining and grinding oil but also suitable for high pressure chip-breaker operations.

Low mist is also a characteristic of TRIM TEC OG108, a grinding product based on hydrocracked oil and saturated ester for use in grinding HSS, carbide tools and gears.

TRIM TEC OG210 is a similar formulation but with EP additives that make it sufficiently strong for hard grinding of gears and other forms of grinding applications.

TRIM TEC OG217 is designed to grind profiles, threads and grooves.

Oils providing the highest lubricity and oxidation stability are TRIM TEC OG315, which has is particularly suited for precision lathes; its sister product TRIM TEC OG315 NS, which is designed for heavy-machining processes such as deep-hole drilling and broaching; and TRIM TEC OE220 NS, which is for general machining of steel, aluminium and yellow metals.

Oxidation stability is a feature of TRIM TEC OE322 too, which is a turning and milling saturated ester-based product for all materials and formulated for machining high-strength materials, cast metals and gear machining.

Manufacturers requiring the highest lubricity should opt for TRIM TEC OE335, an ester-based product especially suited to tough applications such as gear cutting, hobbing and non-cutting metal forming.

The Coolant Management Company

Master Chemical develops and markets a comprehensive metalworking fluid
programme.  Its products are cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils,
washing and cleaning compounds and rust preventatives.  They are all
marketed under the brand name, TRIM.

Since 1990 Master Chemical Europe has provided a dedicated sales and
manufacturing service for Europe.  In that time it has also become the
centre of excellence for product development to meet the specific production
needs of European manufacturers.

Its research has led to the introduction of a range of water- and vegetable
ester based formulations that are non-hazardous yet offer superb production

The need for this type of metalworking fluid is driven by EU regulation and
as a result Master Chemical Europe is now the leading manufacturer of
application-specific metalworking fluids.

When used in conjunction with Master Chemical’s trademark coolant management
strategies, these products provide optimum productivity and significant
operating cost reduction.

To provide greater capacity for this work the company recently moved to new
premises that include a laboratory that is three times bigger than its

Master Chemical Europe is now responsible for supporting an ever-expanding
distributor network, extending from Portugal in the south to Russia and
Scandinavia in the north and east.

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