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Chomerics Europe has added materials to its range of electrically conductive form-in-place (FIP) gaskets.

A wide choice of materials is now offered, that provide specifications to satisfy a broad range of consumer, industrial, and military/aerospace applications.

Dispensed, electrically conductive FIP gaskets provide a low total cost of ownership for small cross-section and complex pattern applications.

Chomerics FIP materials can reduce the installed cost of an EMI gasket by up to 60 per cent.

The corrosion-resistant nature of Chomerics FIP materials provides protection against galvanic activity and may, in many applications, eliminate the need for Ni or Sn plating and/or secondary environmental gaskets.

Among the materials are Choform 1122V, Choform 5550 and Choform 5545.

All are single-component, silicone-based materials that are designed to cure in place, once applied to customer enclosures or castings.

Choform 1122V uses a silver/aluminium conductive filler to provide a shielding effectiveness of greater than 65dB (average over 200MHz to 12GHz), and a maximum operating temperature of 130C.

The material has very high corrosion resistance and a shore A hardness of 50, making it suitable for low-closure force applications.

Low hardness Choform 5550 uses a nickel/graphite filler to help it achieve a shielding effectiveness of 65dB.

This 43 Shore A material can be dispensed in a triangular bead with an extremely high aspect ratio (maximum height 3mm) to provide a product where closure forces are extremely low or where there is a degree of unevenness between mating surfaces.

Maximum operating temperature is 125C.

Choform 5545 incorporates a tungsten carbide filler and has extremely high corrosion resistance, to make it suitable for use in the harshest and most demanding environments, such as those found in military and aerospace applications.

Shielding effectiveness is greater than 65dB and the material can be used in operating temperatures up to 125C.

Parker Hannifin – Chomerics Division Europe

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