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Parker Hannifin division Chomerics Europe offers a range of conductive coatings and paints to address shielding requirements in medical equipment applications that utilise plastic enclosures.

The choice of epoxy, acrylic and urethane coatings are suitable for use in the challenging operating environments often experienced by medical electronics equipment.

Coating selection depends on the target application material.

Conductive pains are said to give designers more choice and flexibility versus traditional approaches when looking to easily and cost-effectively shield their plastic enclosures and equipment housings against electromagnetic interference, provide anti-static protection, corona shielding, surface grounding, and corrosion protection.

Materials such as Chomerics’s Cho-Shield 2056, which consists of silver-plated copper/silver particles in a single-component acrylic resin, can be used at minimal thicknesses instead of processes such as vacuum metallisation and electroless plating.

Chomerics’s coatings can be applied without the need for expensive specialised equipment using a standard high-volume/low-pressure (HVLP) spray system.

Shielding effectiveness levels of greater than 75dB (between 50MHz and 10GHz) can be achieved with silver filters offering high shielding performance, followed by silver-plated copper and copper and nickel.

The choice of fillers gives designers a range of shielding performance/cost options.

Depending on production volumes, customers can opt to either manually apply the conductive paint or utilise robotic techniques that support higher throughput and also maximise repeatability.

Advanced paint formulations give good self-levelling and uniformity characteristics resulting in even shielding performance across the part.

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