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P and M Pumps introduced its Rotamix and STM tank mixing systems to the UK seven years ago.

These systems use a Vaughan Chopper pump to draw and return from the tank, vessel or lagoon.

The return flow is distributed through high velocity nozzles, creating the dual-zone mixing pattern.

The chopper pump reduces any solids to ensure free flow through nozzles, maximising homogenous mixing.

More than 400 Rotamix and STM systems have now been installed, with tank sizes ranging from 20M3 up to 6000M3.

They produce smaller solids and better consistency, ensuring better movement.

This results in fewer pump failures in post mixing applications, less press or centrifuge maintenance and up to a 25 per cent increase of sludge DS though the system.

Digester heat exchange re-circulation is another useful innovation from P and M Pumps.

It is suitable for applications where spiral heat exchangers are installed, as there is a tendency for them to clog-up with rags, fat and other rogue solids.

Using Vaughan Chopper pumps on these applications removes the need to clear the pump or heat exchanger of regular blockages.

Process engineers tend to record a stable temperature in the digester within days of start-up.

The efficiency of a sludge digestion treatment plant hinges upon stable temperature and homogenous sludge.

These factors can be achieved by installing a Vaughan chopper pump and / or a dual zone mixing system in the digester, on the heat exchangers or in any other upstream stage of the waste water and digestion process.

In most cases, retrofitting a Vaughan Chopper Pump into a problematic area improves the whole process and becomes self-financing in less than one year.

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