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Chronos BTH has announced the addition of the Chrono-Bag OMLH-series for hygienic open-mouth bagging applications of powders to its hygienic filling line.

The company will showcase the machine at Interpack on 12-18 May 2011.

The machine has been designed specifically for hygienic bagging and packaging operations for the dairy, bakery, baby food and other food-related industries.

The system is also suitable for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The system was developed in accordance with the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines.

All processing modules have been designed with hygiene in mind.

The overall machine design and housing has been improved and floor support legs have been optimised.

The bag placer has been redesigned and the machine construction is in sheet metal (open structure) with no hollow bodies.

The field-proven bottom-up filling technology is said to guarantee high accuracies in the powder packing process, and electro cabling has been reduced to a minimum.

The second-generation machine also features a closed bag-top transport mechanism, improved cleaning devices, fast change-over times and further minimised dust emission.

The bagging system is available in a full stainless-steel version or an Atex design.

The system allows the integration of optional gas flushing.

The machine zone is separated from the functioning bagging zone.

There are no fixing devices in the product flow; internal components and those that come into contact with bulk material are sanitary welded and the exterior machine parts have a polished finish.

Fully enclosed safety guards enhance security aspects of the system.

The bagging system is available with single- or double-spout designs with 350 up to 600 bags per hour.

It is applicable for all common types of open-mouth bags including gusseted and pinch-bottom bags with bag filling weights of 5 up to 50kg and allows quick bag-size changeovers.

The OMLH-series offers high flexibility regarding bag closures.

The hygienic bagging system uses Chronos BTH bottom-up filling technology.

After automatic bag placing to the bird beak-type filling spout, the bag is filled from the bottom up via a vertical dosing screw therefore minimising the emission of dust and reducing the aeration of the product.

The vertical screw is frequency controlled so all powdery products can be dosed accurately and quickly.

During bag transportation the bag-top remains closed, eliminating the risk of product contamination once in the bag.

The bag transport system offers free space underneath the bagging conveyor to facilitate good access to the filling machine for quick and easy clean-out.

The machine design has a modular structure incorporating different function zones.

Wherever possible, the moving components of the machine, including drives, cables and control components, have been separated from the functional area where the bag is filled and sealed.

This limits the possibility of product contamination and reduces potential dust traps.

Each processing module has an integral power supply and controller with minimal cables routed directly from the functional area to the rear of a module.

Remote I/O technology has been used to get control signals to and from the main control cabinet.

The system incorporates in-house-designed gross weighing technology.

De-aeration probes remove air from the product in the bag, reducing the volume and ensuring a stable filled bag is produced.

The de-aeration system consists of a vacuum pump and micro-perforated probes.

The de-aeration and vibration time is adjustable in the filling menu.

There are no fasteners – for example, bolts or screws – in the product flow zones.

All material contact parts are sanitary welded.

The machine exterior has a polished finish; the control area is separated from the functional bagging zone.

The system features ample machine access to allow cleaning to be carried out quickly and effectively.

The system operation is said to be simple using touch panel and integrated graphical user interface with multi-language settings.

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