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An international pharmaceutical manufacturer has selected the Ci-DMS computerised dispensary management system from CI Systems for its new European production facility in the UK.

The system is used to control manual dispensing of individual components and the addition of dispensed materials and bulk packs into reusable IBCs on two dispensary booths.

The Ci-DMS database is hosted off site on two virtual servers (using VMware), one for the live environment and one for the validation environment.

A specially configured interface links the Ci-DMS to the company’s SAP ERP system, which runs on a server located offshore.

Ci-DMS receives transactions for material lots and process orders from the ERP system, then returns transactions for material dispensed and lot adjustments to ensure that the ERP inventory is accurately maintained.

To maximise efficiency in the dispensary and reduce stock movement between the dispensary and the warehouse, the dispensary is treated as a kanban stock-staging location.

Instead of using the ERP to allocate particular lots to particular process orders, the dispensary operators select material available in the dispensary.

As each dispensing is completed, lot-consumption transactions are sent back from the Ci-DMS.

This causes the ERP system to issue the materials used against the process order and automatically replenish the stock in the dispensing area.

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