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CI Electronics has launched the Sade SP, a precision bench-top weight sorter for small parts.

The Sade SP is suitable for 100 per cent weight sorting of small parts including machined, sintered, powdered and forged metal parts, ceramics, plastic mouldings and epoxy resin tablets.

The model incorporates the latest design of balance head designed to sort by weight parts less than two grams to an accuracy of +/- 1mg.

It utilises a touch-screen control panel for quick and easy set-up.

Minimal operator adjustment is necessary and a range of objects can be weight sorted without the need for any parts to be changed.

New sorting technology has been incorporated into the unit with a feed and sort mechanism that gives precision handling and accuracy for objects of many different shapes and sizes.

Detailed statistical reports can be printed directly from the Sade SP without the need for a PC.

CI also offers SP Connect, a PC software package that enables users to export weight data into Excel files for further analysis and create enhanced colour reports for saving in PDF format.

A security system limits user access to authorised staff.

Other features include sample check-weighing, with the Sade SP able to weigh up to 1,000 samples and provide statistical analysis of the weight data.

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