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CimatronE 9.0 Quick Electrode includes enhancements that enable faster creation of electrodes and allow last-minute changes, as well as new analysis tools.

It is available as a standalone solution to work with existing CADs and offers applicative tools and applications to allow mould makers to work faster and design more sophisticated, advanced moulds accurately.

It allows electrode makers to quickly reproduce identical electrodes and accelerate the design of similar electrodes.

When two different electrodes have the same design process, CimatronE allows users to copy the design process on the spot and adapt it to the new electrode.

An additional feature simplifies the design of a second electrode that mirrors the first in one simple step.

CimatronE version 9.0 includes enhancements that make last-minute changes easier and less disruptive.

Any changes made to the mould that might affect the electrode are recognised and reported immediately, to allow swift and safe implementation of changes.

Interference Check Analysis makes sure that there are no collisions between the electrode and the mould itself.

This allows electrode makers to use automated design tools to quickly create electrodes and apply changes.

In version 9.0, the burning conditions for the electrode (spark gap and orbiting), as defined in the electrode application, are automatically transferred to the NC programmer and the CMM application.

This feature allows the NC programmer to ensure the necessary modifications are made before electrode manufacturing and use take place.

CimatronE 9.0 also introduces a CMM application which includes functions for measuring of electrodes.

The CMM application automatically compensates for spark gap and orbiting, as well as the electrode rough offset, when applicable, making sure that the geometry of the electrode was manufactured correctly considering burning conditions.

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