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Cimlogic, UK implementation partner of Traksys, is offering free trials of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software Leantrak.

Leantrak packs the power of Traksys, a real-time operations and performance management software, into a complete portable productivity package that can be deployed anywhere without installation, wiring, programming, infrastructure changes or production disruption.

Using a special version of Traksys and sensors, it collects accurate line stoppages and productivity data in real time, involves operators in the productivity improvement process and utilises dozens of useful metrics that will expose areas of opportunity for measurable improvement.

Cimlogic will visit a production site to set up the Leantrak system on a chosen machine or production line.

Real-time performance data will then be collected and presented by means of more than 50 built-in real-time and historical reports.

The company will produce an end-of-trial summary to illustrate the real financial benefits of improving OEE.

The system will capture every minor and major stoppage, and operators are prompted to enter stoppage reasons from a predefined list configured by Cimlogic.

The Leantrak trial will calculate OEE, total effective equipment productivity (TEEP) and the mean time between failures (MTBF) in real time; help to discover why a production line or machine is under performing; and allow the user to compare the validity of his or her current system.

This is a hassle-free, no-risk approach to seeing the benefits of real-time data capture and the potential power of Traksys.

Travel expenses may apply in some circumstances.

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