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Port Erie Plastics, a supplier of custom injection moulding services, has reduced its production cycle times thanks to technology and moulding support from Cinpres Gas Injection.

The company has reported a drop in cycle times from 190 seconds to 75 seconds for a redesigned portable children’s playpen.

Port Erie Plastics also claims that a refinement of the process could see this fall again to near the 60-second mark.

The new processing method, which includes the use of a Cinpres PPC3000 MF4 gas controller, is more than doubling the previous output of the product – manufactured by another moulder.

This reduces material usage and delivers a stronger and lighter finished product.

Joe Winkler, senior project engineer at Port Erie Plastics, said: ‘The original product had design issues that were preventing effective production; cycle times were too high and the scrap rate was unacceptable.

‘The unit supplied by Cinpres has given us superior control and setup capabilities over the gas-assist process and, with the recommendations of Cinpres engineers, we have been able to significantly improve part processing,’ he added.

The product is now in full production and Cinpres employees continue to assist in process setup and enhanced mould modifications.

According to Jon Butler, managing director of Cinpres, Port Erie Plastics is now able to manufacture more parts per hour, use less material and offer its customers a more durable and lightweight product.

‘We are now advising on the generation of nitrogen gas and improvements to an existing system to help with nitrogen purity,’ he said.

Port Erie Plastics provides engineering support to its customers and manages a range of custom injection mould building projects.

Secondary operations include assembly, plastics decorating, warehousing and distribution.

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