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Logic Design has announced the release of Circuitlogix Pro Version 8, which provides complete schematic design and simulation combining 2D and 3D simulation.

Along with expanded simulation capability, Circuitlogix Pro features a larger device library, easier SPICE model import and no limit on the number of pins for an individual device.

Circuitlogix Pro provides high-quality schematic capture and accurate SPICE-based analogue, digital and mixed-signal simulation in one complete program.

Schematic features include a pre-built symbol editor for custom device symbol creation, automatic wire routing, printout borders and enhanced pin annotation.

Circuitlogix Pro’s advanced simulation features include nine different analyses, an array of virtual instruments for testing and probing, and a comprehensive 10,000 device library.

Completely expandable and scalable, Circuitlogix Pro imports SPICE models directly and supports digital Simcode for creating custom digital XSPICE models.

A host of analyses in Circuitlogix Pro allow for the testing and troubleshooting of circuits and, by using the free-floating probe tool, users can instantly see waveforms and measurements on virtual instruments such as an oscilloscope, curve tracer, bode plotter or multimeter.

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